Williamson, W. Golf begins play at ACC Championships Thursday

“Moving to the United States wasn’t as difficult as expected, but it wasn’t easy either,” Williamson said. “I miss my family, but I’ve wanted to come here for so long that it’s quite easy to look past being away from home.

Being so busy with golf tournaments, practices and school can be a great distraction.

As she acclimated to the grass and fairways as a member of the golf team, a new golf facility was being built in the state of Florida. A newly designed golf course and practice area that was a game changer for Williamson and her teammates.

When Williamson started at Florida State as a rookie, the golf course was under construction and there was no practice facility. Midway through its second year, the golf course opened and it made practicing and playing much easier.

“The new Seminole Legacy golf course is a major development for the team and the program as a whole,” Williamson said.

In England, the design of golf courses is different from here in the United States. The main difference revolves around grass. The grass at home is short, flat and perfectly even unlike the grass in Florida which is designed to withstand the heat.

“My biggest adjustment was getting used to the grass,” Williamson said. “It took me a while to get used to playing on grass.”

Links golf courses are common in England. Developed in Scotland, link courses are the oldest style of course and are usually found in coastal areas, on sandy ground and surrounded by dunes. There are few water obstacles and few trees.

When Williamson played golf at home on links courses, she was more exposed to the wind because she was on a small island.

“Here in America, I almost didn’t have the types of shots required for my game and my skill set,” Williamson said. “It took me time at Florida State to develop those skills and learn what I needed to do to be successful.”

In addition to learning to adapt to golf courses during Williamson’s time at Florida State, she also saw her golf game evolve until now being her senior year.

“At the start of year one and year two, I had the skills and I made improvements, but that was never reflected in my performance and my results,” Williamson said.

Williamson is currently enjoying her best season as a Florida State student-athlete. She is one of the most experienced players in all of college golf and is ranked 12th in school history with an average of 74.46 strokes.

Seminole head coach Amy Bond is extremely pleased with Williamson’s improvement as a golfer since arriving in Tallahassee in 2018.