Whetstone Braves focuses on big picture as City League’s best schedule


For the past 12 years, Tom Philip has guided the Whetstone boys’ golf team to 11 City League championships and has also been an assistant on the school softball team.

He said athletes like senior golfer Eli Krabill make his coaching success possible.

In addition to training regularly at Hickory Hills, where his family is a member, Krabill participates in many Columbus public classes.

“Being in town and with these kids having the opportunity to be on some golf courses, I just hope they keep playing into adulthood,” Philip said. “It’s a sport you can have fun with. I consider it a sport because they walk, they carry their bags and there is no ride on the golf course. In fact, I often tell them to step up the pace and make it a sporting event.

“Eli understands golf and has participated in many tournaments. He sees things that I don’t see. He is ready to help other players with the swings, details and specifics of the game of golf.

Krabill, who attends Columbus Alternative but lives in the Clintonville area, shot 41 in last year’s City tournament to place first among all contestants. He also averaged 46.2 for the season to finish second overall behind the 2020 graduate and his teammate Eric Verway-Cohen (44.8).

Sophomore Ethan Harrison averaged 56.2 in league competition to also make the first team and shot 52 in the league tournament.

Sophomore Eli Draper shot a 53 in the league tournament and was the league’s second all-star team, while juniors Paul Buterbaugh and Demond Smith were the league’s second-all-star and honorable mention of all, respectively. the leagues.

Krabill started competing shortly before his first season.

“This freshman year I started spending more time on it and I think I’ve really grown as a golfer over the past three years,” Krabill said. “We only lost one player last year, so it went really well. In fact, we’ve done a lot of recruiting and had a lot of new kids and a lot of those coming back have trained a lot. It’s nice to see a lot of improvements.

“It’s crazy because, on the one hand, you want to keep improving and you always want to improve and (receiving the league title) can put you in the wrong frame of mind when you think you’re at. comfortable and you almost have it in the bag. But every year you have to invest 100% every day because nothing is taken for granted. “

There are three freshmen in the Oscar Ball program, Jonas Conn and William Ramsby, with Conn showing significant potential, according to Philip.

In last year’s Division I at Denison Golf Club, Verway-Cohen shot 103 and Krabill got 107.

“I was telling someone today that we’ve had district qualifiers in the past, but overall we haven’t (been successful at that level),” said Philip. “It’s difficult (to compete at this level) but we are trying. What I am suggesting is that if you like the game, go for the basics and get a lesson here or there to make sure you get off to a good start. (We’ve) won 11 of the last 12 (City titles) and we’re absolutely (proud of the accomplishment).

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Coach: Tony Pinson, fourth season

Best players: Scott Armstrong, Joe Couhig, Vaughn Harber and Jake Pierce

Main losses: Nothing

CCL 2020 ranking: St. Charles (8-0), Watterson (6-2), DeSales (4-4), Hartley (2-6), Ready (0-8)

2020 playoffs: Eighth in section

Outlook: The depth and improvement of the Stallions has led Pinson to think this could potentially be the best team on the program since 2013, when DeSales placed third in the Division II State tournament. The Stallions remain in Division I this season.

According to Pinson, a steady decline in the average of 10 to 15 shots per season from 365 in his first season of 2018 has continued.

Harber had an average of 74 last year in freshman and was DeSales’s best golfer this season, ahead of the team’s only senior at Armstrong. Armstrong clocked a career-best 71 in practice to finish ahead of Couhig, a sophomore, and Pierce, a junior. Junior Luke Gabrielli, sophomore Devin McInerney and freshman Caleb Flynn are vying for fifth and sixth places.

Quote: “As the guys got better over the summer, I can’t wait to get better scores and be even more competitive. Last year we could have a 74 and a bunch of highs 80. The scores are already much lower, up to the 70s and 80s. If we throw (rounds of) 82 or more, that’s great. The boys have all played in a lot of tournaments and it’s obvious. – Finch

–Dave Purpura


Coach: Olin Melaragno, 14th season

Best players: Jonah Altiero, Deacon Pinson, Noah Stauffer and Cooper Struckel

Key loss: Carson Trafford

CCL 2020 ranking: St. Charles (8-0), Watterson (6-2), DeSales (4-4), Hartley (2-6) and Ready (0-8)

2020 playoffs: Seventh in section

Outlook: The Eagles had an individual district qualification last year at Trafford, but he transferred to Dublin Jerome for his senior season this fall.

Still, Watterson has a group of experienced players in Pinson and Stauffer, who are juniors, and Altiero and Struckel, who are sophomores. Jack Kish is the only senior on the team, while second, Trae McAninch, looks to contribute.

Pinson, who shot a 78 on Aug. 5 at the Thomas Worthington Invitational at Delaware Golf Club, rolled an 83 in last year’s section, and Altiero and Struckel each shot 89 at that event.

Quote: “We just have a lot of youngsters who don’t have a lot of tournament experience yet and they are trying to learn how to finish under pressure. Last year I think my scoring average was around 82 and this year I didn’t shoot anything above 78. I worked on my short game, and that was the key to my success. I think our team goal would be to get out of the section. – Finch

–Jarrod Ulrey


Coach: Tom Philip, 13th season

Best players: Paul Buterbaugh, Eli Draper, Ethan Harrison, Eli Krabill and Demond Smith

Key loss: Eric Verway-Cohen

Ranking of the city 2020: Whetstone (15), Mifflin (8), Centennial (5), South (1)

2020 playoffs: Did not mark in section

Outlook: There are eight players in the program, including three of the City League’s best returning players in Krabill, a senior, and Harrison and Draper, who are in their sophomores. Smith and Buterbaugh are back as juniors, and Philip is also optimistic about the potential of three freshmen.

He added that the team are excited to play a more full schedule than last season, starting August 31 with the City competition.

Quote: “I have eight people who come to a lot, so we have a full team. Eli is a great leader. – Philippe

–Jarrod Ulrey


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