Visby Medical’s STI diagnostic test now available at Urgent Care for Children

Visby Medical has partnered with Urgent Care for Children (UC4C) to offer its Sexual Health Click Test for the detection of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in female patients aged 14 and older at 11 sites. The palm-sized device uses PCR to target 3 of the most common STIs – chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis – and delivers results in less than 30 minutes with 97% accuracy.1

The device received FDA approval in September 2021 and has the potential to become the new gold standard of care for infectious disease diagnostic testing.

“Having a test result at the same time a patient presents with an illness is a huge benefit,” Gary Schoolnik, Visby Medical’s chief medical officer, said in an interview with Contemporary OB/GYN®. “First of all, and obviously, whatever treatment you give, it’s driven by an actual test result. It’s not based on clinical judgement, it’s a quick and accurate result at the level of PCR you can believe in and act on.

“The other…huge benefit, from my perspective, is being able to engage in [a] “teachable moment” when a patient is most ready to engage in conversation. People really listen. If you say, ‘Oh, I think you might be sick, but I really don’t know what’s wrong with you.’ That teachable moment isn’t quite as intense and doesn’t really have the same impact,” he said.

“The Sexual Health Click Test is a game-changer because STIs can lead to serious complications and require communication with patient partners who may or may not be symptomatic and who also need to be treated,” says UC4C Founder and CEO and practicing pediatrician. , Allury Arora Lal, MD.2

UC4C is among the first pediatric healthcare providers in the United States to adopt the Visby test, now available in 11 locations, including Birmingham, Mobile, Vestavia, Trussville, Tuscaloosa, Madison, Huntsville and Daphne in Alabama; Memphis and Knoxville in Tennessee; and in New Orleans, Louisiana.1

Without the hassle of additional equipment or instruments to interpret rapid results, the Sexual Health Click Test simplifies the STI testing process from start to finish. With previously used testing methods, clinicians and patients at UC4C would wait 24 to 48 hours to receive results, jeopardizing valuable time for follow-up and risk education. With the Visby test, however, the entire STI testing process is performed within the clinic and requires less than 15 seconds of hands-on time once the self-collected sample is obtained from the patient.1

“We are proud to support Urgent Care for Children in their efforts to meet patient needs with accurate diagnostic results and appropriate treatment during this single visit,” Schoolnik said in a press release.2

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