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CANFIELD – Scout troops from all over Mahoning, Trumbull and East Portage counties will converge on Camp Stambaugh in search of gold, fun and the excitement of competition in the Klondike Derby.

The Stambaugh District Klondike Derby will be held on February 12 at the Great Trail Council Camp, 3712 Leffingwell Road.

In 1896, gold was discovered in Canada’s Yukon Territory. People rushed to the Klondike region of this territory, beginning what became known as the Klondike Gold Rush. Many challenges faced these adventurers, including cold winter conditions, dangerous environments, and surviving with only the gear they were carrying. For those who successfully completed the challenges, the rewards were tremendous.

A Klondike Scout Derby is based on the real-life struggles faced by men and dogs traversing the frozen Klondike in search of riches in the gold fields. Scouts will have the opportunity to relive some of the same challenges these adventures faced, in hopes of finding their own treasure.

Scouts are organized into patrols of four to eight Scouts. Each patrol appoints or elects a leader. Although adults are encouraged to accompany the patrols throughout their hike, they are not allowed to participate in the activities. Each patrol will have a sled loaded with gear and equipment needed to overcome challenges at stations. Gold nuggets will be awarded to each patrol based on each station’s performance. At the end of the event, the patrols are invited to participate in an auction.

Scouts will experience seven out of 12 stations to test their abilities and earn gold. Stations are: Boat Carry, Fire Building, Blindfolded Stretcher Carry, Tomahawk/Knife Throw, Ravine Crossing, Orienteering, Tie Knots, Bird/Mammal Identification, Cooking, Scouting , throwing challenge and first aid.

Stambaugh District serves families in Mahoning, Trumbull and East Portage counties and is part of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America. To join Scouting or for more information, call the office at 330-773-0415 or visit the website. Stambaugh District Manager Stephen DiPaolo can be reached at 330-773-0415 ext. 230 or [email protected]

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