Valley News – Disc golf course is coming to Claremont’s Moody Park

Valley News Correspondent

Published: 04/15/2022 21:30:26

Modified: 04/15/2022 21:29:17

CLAREMONT — The increasingly popular game of disc golf is coming to Claremont this summer with an 18-hole course at Moody Park.

City Council on Wednesday accepted a donation of nearly $26,000 from Mike Lemieux, owner of Pine Hill Construction, to purchase baskets, starter boxes, concrete bases, benches, iron and small concrete slabs and the use of Pine Hill equipment to construct the course.

For those unfamiliar with the game, disc golf challenges players to throw a disc (similar to a Frisbee) as few times as possible to land it in a basket mounted on a post at chest height. As in regular golf, the lowest score wins.

Each hole will start at a tee box, with the target or basket a few hundred yards away. Similar to golf, which has different clubs depending on the stroke, different discs are used depending on the distance.

Claremont parks and recreation manager Mark Brislin said the course has been laid out and will be in a rarely used area to the right of the park road, just beyond the park entrance on the Maple Ave. He stressed that he will not encroach on any of the trails used by runners, walkers and cyclists.

“Moody Park provides a unique course that disc golfers would love, utilizing the natural beauty and aesthetics of the park,” Brislin said. “It will be another great addition to the Claremont parks system and draw many people to the park.”

The park terrain in the course area includes a number of steep ravines that are not suitable for trails. The construction will be a volunteer effort starting in June and will be led by Alex Baldwin, who told the council he has traveled the area several times to lay out the course.

Baldwin said disc golf is an easy and inexpensive activity, and the course will have a low environmental impact on the park. Work will include installing the concrete bases for the basket posts, creating tee areas and general clean-up such as removing undergrowth and dead trees and branches to facilitate walking on the course. Since the terrain is steep and wet in some sections, rope guardrails, stairs and water bridges will be constructed.

Baldwin said he heard from many people through social media who wanted to help build the course. He invites anyone interested to email him at [email protected]

People interested in learning the game, looking for lessons, and looking for places to buy discs can download the free UDisc app to their phone.

Nearby disc golf courses are in Newport; Sunapee; Hartland; Bradford, Vermont; and Chester, Vermont.

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