USBC and Storm Products Announce Agreement on National Tournament Exclusion and Ball Exchange Program

ARLINGTON, TX – The United States Bowling Congress and Storm Products have agreed to a nationwide tournament exclusion rule and ball exchange program for six ball models manufactured by Storm Products. The agreement comes after USBC identified models with a percentage of bullets produced below USBC’s 73D minimum hardness specification.

USBC’s investigation showed that a percentage of these measured ball patterns were below the USBC required hardness level of approval samples submitted by Storm. Storm collaborated with USBC after being made aware of these tests.

Affected models include:

  • Storm Phaze 4
  • Solid Electrify Storm
  • Storm Trend 2
  • 900 world altered reality
  • 900 world wolverine
  • Roto Grip UFO Alert

As of March 30, 2022, use of these ball designs in USBC National Tournaments including but not limited to USBC Masters, US Open, USBC Open Championships, Women’s Championships is prohibited. USBC, all PWBA Circuit events, USBC Junior Gold and Youth. Open Championships, USBC Intercollegiate Championships, USBC Team USA Trials, USBC Senior Masters and USBC Senior Queens.

These balloon models remain USBC approved. Each USBC competition, whether tournament or league, has the option of adopting the National USBC Tournament Rule prohibiting the use of these balls or continuing to allow their use.

USBC has shared this national tournament rule with Storm and has Storm’s support. Storm will offer owners of affected balls the opportunity to exchange their balls for a new product. Information about the exchange program will be posted later this week on

“USBC thanks Storm for their collaboration and for working together on a solution for our members,” said USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy. “There is no perfect solution to this type of problem, but this agreement strikes a balance between protecting the integrity of USBC’s national tournaments, while giving members the choice to do what is best for them locally.”

As part of the agreement, Storm Products will stop selling the affected balls. USBC has completed its investigation and will not take any action on any additional balls related to this production issue.

“Storm appreciates USBC working with us on this agreement, so we can put the issue behind us and focus on our customers,” said Storm Products President Dave Symes. “Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we will take care of our customers.”

This agreement does not change the status of the Storm Spectre. The Specter remains unapproved and on the USBC’s list of non-compliant balls.

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