Ukraine news live: Ukrainian forces retake towns around Kyiv; Putin ‘has failed and is heading for plan B’; 300 dead in Mariupol theater bombing, officials say | world news

Following Joe Biden’s speech, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the US president’s presence in Brussels this week “sends a very powerful message to the world”.

“The transatlantic partnership is stronger and more united than ever, and we are determined to stand against Russia’s brutal war,” she said.

“This war will be a strategic failure for Putin. Our cooperation on the four successive waves of sanctions against Russia has been extraordinary and exceptional.

She said: “Our work on sanctions also shows that when we act together we are stronger and can really make a difference.”

Regarding the new gas agreement between the EU and the United States, Ms von der Leyen thanked the American people for their “unwavering support”.

“This support also extends to strengthening Europe’s energy security and independence from Russian fossil fuels. As you know, we aim to reduce this dependence on Russian fossil fuels and to get rid of it.

“And that can only be achieved by, of course, first of all, investments in renewable energy, but also by additional gas supplies, including LNG deliveries.”