Too little rain for Lackawanna County golfers

Golf is played best in warm weather, but for maintenance crews, too much heat and too little rain can be a problem.

MOOSIC, Pennsylvania — Golf is a game almost as unpredictable as the weather.

At Glenmaura National Golf Club In Moosic, recent rainstorms have left Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Koch no choice but to keep golfers off the fairway.

“If it was spread out over a few weeks that would be great. But when you get it all at once it creates more headaches. You try to keep the golf course relatively dry so that when you get the heavy rain , it’s back playable in a day or a few hours,” Koch explained.

While some golf clubs complain of too much water, other clubs say their fairways are filled with withered grass.

“We don’t have the capacity to water the fairway. It’s just too big a project for us,” said Lakeland Golf Club owner Larry Schrader.

Larry and his family have owned and operated Lakeland Golf Club for over forty years and this summer has not been easy.

“It’s been a very difficult year weather-wise, with very little rain,” he said.

Due to the dry weather and the lack of an irrigation system, Larry and his family had to focus more on maintaining the greens.

“If you look at the big courses, they can spend a million dollars installing a sprinkler system and we can’t do that stuff. We kind of do it by hand,” Larry said.

Larry’s daughter, Lorie Schrader, has maintained the grounds by hand since the age of twelve.

And the lack of precipitation they receive only adds to the workload.

“Some areas around us had two, two and a half inches of rain. We had nothing all day,” Lorie said.

But if the rain falls too much or too little.

That’s not stopping golfers like Robyn Wiggins of Tunkhannock from getting out there and getting a few extra shots on the green.

“You get that good shot, and it brings you back, and you try again,” Wiggins said.

As the season draws to a close, both golf clubs are hoping the weather is cooperating.

So everyone has a good lie.

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