Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy team up to form TMRW Sports, a tech-focused startup

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are the two biggest names in golf, and they’ve been asserting themselves as such over the past two weeks as they lead their peers in an effort to reshape the future of the sport. On Tuesday, the duo – who have combined to win 19 major championships – announced the formation of TMRW Sports, a tech-focused startup that will showcase “progressive approaches to sports, media and entertainment”.

“I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new company, which will harness technology to bring new approaches to the sport we love,” Woods said in a statement.

That’s a lot of corporate talk, even for a press release, but we already have an example of how this could play out in the world of golf and with the future of the PGA Tour. Woods and McIlroy have begun planning a series of one-day events away from the golf course that will take place in technology-focused stadiums, such as Golfweek reported Sunday. It’s now easy to see how TMRW Sports could be at the epicenter of these efforts.

The one-day events are designed to complement the PGA Tour schedule and will launch in 2024, according to multiple sources familiar with the concept. Early thoughts suggest the clashes – which will be state-of-the-art and staged with a live audience – could take place from January to March, with a final later. Discussions about streaming and gaming partners are ongoing. A source from NBC Sports said the network has the option of being the company’s media partner.

Details of the plan have been shared with Tour members who attended the players-only meeting held August 16 during the BMW Championship, for which Woods made a special trip from his Florida home. It was touted as a long-term opportunity for players to build equity in the venture, which will benefit from private funding in addition to partnerships and sponsors. The proposal was received positively by the players present in the room, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

It coincides with a players-only meeting that Woods and McIlroy led last week in Delaware at the BMW Championship where the duo helped set a vision for what the future of the PGA Tour could look like. As two of the three or four most successful players on the PGA Tour of the past quarter century, Woods and McIlroy have earned the right to own the world of golf in this current tenuous moment, and they are clearly stepping into their leadership roles. . .

There is also money to be made in the process of all this. Both Woods and McIlroy are invested in numerous businesses affiliated or adjacent to PGA Tour business interests, apparently including TMRW Sports, which it appears will host, direct or host. and organize these future one-off events.

It’s a good thing for the PGA Tour. When the two most recognizable, famous and perhaps most successful golfers of this century rally the troops for your organization – and also build businesses to support it – you have a lot to gain and a bright future. The PGA Tour should be heartened by how the past few weeks have unfolded and that the era of Tiger and Rory taking ownership of both the PGA Tour and golf itself has officially begun.