The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop extends to DTLV

The Boring Company’s application to extend the Vegas Loop to downtown Las Vegas has been approved by the Las Vegas City Council. The project is privately funded and there will be no reduction in fees. See the whole presentation. Construction is tentatively expected to begin in early 2023.

What is the Vegas Loop?

It is an underground express transportation service via battery-powered, zero-emission Tesla vehicles.

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Vegas Loop Safety Features


  • Loop vehicles (Tesla Models X and Y) are rated 5 stars by NHTSA


  • Real-time gas and smoke detection; ventilation system designed according to NFPA standards
  • Direct communications in the tunnel to the control center via tunnel intercoms, cellular service and Wi-Fi
  • Emergency communications and regular training drills with police and firefighters
    • We’ve also added a requirement that if unique equipment is needed by Las Vegas Fire & Rescue to access these tunnels, it will be covered by Boring Company and not taxpayers.

training area

  • Wide walkway for emergency exit; no third rail or risk of contact


  • Received the TSA Gold Standard award from the Department of Homeland Security for achieving top scores in reviewing LVCC Loop’s system security plans

Introducing the Vegas Loop:

  • 50-year non-exclusive agreement; approximately 95% identical to Clark County agreement approved 10/20/21
  • Allows The Boring Company to use our right of way to build, operate and maintain a privately funded underground transportation system
  • No taxpayer funds requested or contributed: all funding comes from The Boring Company and private properties
  • Vegas Loop is envisioned as a network of tunnels over 34 miles with more than 55 stations, including Harry Reid Airport and Allegiant Stadium
  • More than 8 km of tunnels and more than 5 stations in the city
  • The Boring Company pays all standard plan checks, permits. and inspection fees. We estimate it to be between one and two million dollars in fees.

Benefits for Downtown Las Vegas

  • Every vehicle Vegas Loop removes from surface city streets “frees up” traffic capacity that can be used to continue supporting downtown (re)development. This will help the city and other developers avoid costly road widening
  • Connectivity to/from major destinations along the Resort Corridor is greatly improved
  • An additional means of transport to/from the city center is created without public funding

Expanded initial stations in downtown Las Vegas

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Here are the steps this project will take before full approval is given by City Council and city leaders.

  1. Secure Special Use Permit (approved by City Council 12/16/20)
  2. Secure approval of a monorail agreement (under consideration today)
  3. Obtain approval of design development studies (such as fire and life safety plan, geotechnical report, drainage analysis)
  4. Secure approval of final design and construction plans and permits
  5. Construction phase
  6. Operational test phase
  7. Operating certificate issued (renewed annually)
  8. Vegas Loop service begins

Currently planned expansion card

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Revenue Funding Model

  • The city agreement provides a mechanism to generate additional funds that could be used to fund civic stations in support of our downtown neighborhoods and any other civic tunnel/station expansions desired by the city; For example, a Civic Station could be built to serve the Arts District at Boulder Plaza
  • The civic station’s three-tier revenue funding model has the potential to generate an additional $1.35 million annually over the county’s two-tier revenue funding model for the same revenue. Therefore, The Boring Company could contribute an additional $13.5 million every 10 years using the city model rather than the county model.
  • The agreement allows the city or TBC to convert the civic station’s three-tier revenue funding model to a two-tier revenue funding model after the 10e anniversary of the effective date of the agreement for any reason.

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