Tee Time – Runners take on Governors in Popeye’s Battle of the Border match play

The Murray State vs. Austin Peay rivalry has decades of history as one of the greatest rivalries in college athletics. This is true regardless of the sport and it will still be so when the the men’s golf teams from each university meet Saturday for a single match-play event in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Hopkinsville Country Club hosts the competition between runners and governors on Saturday starting at noon.

The format is singles match play and there are nine head-to-head competitions. In the event a match is tied after 18 holes, the match will play additional holes until there is a winner. With each match won counting as one point, there are a total of nine points available and the first team to five points will be declared the winner.

Event: Popeye’s Frontier Battle
Appointment: February 26, 2022
Host: Murray State
Course: Hopkinsville Country Club, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
By/Length: Par-71/6 450 yards
Game schedule: Singles – 18 holes – Player to a win
Departure times: First pairing at noon
Live score: There is no live score for this event
Head-to-head pairings:
Singles Match Play (all start from the first tee)

12:00 p.m.- Tyler Abernathy (MSU) VS Reece Britt (APSU)
12:08 p.m.- John Buchanan (MSU) VS Morgan Robinson (APSU)
12:16 p.m.- Tyler Powell (MSU) VS Garrett Whitfield (APSU)
12:24 p.m.- Carson Holmes (MSU) VS Jay Fox (APSU)
12:32 p.m.- Walker Beck (MSU) VS Logan Spurrier (APSU)
12:40 p.m.- quinn eaton (MSU) VS Adam Van Raden (APSU)
12:48 p.m.- Trey Lewis (MSU) VS Micah Kinsley (APSU)
12:56 p.m.- Kamaren Cunningham (MSU) VS Jordan Rodriguez (APSU)
1:04 p.m.- Connor Combes (MSU) VS Chase Korte (APSU)

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