TAMU-K organizes an annual golf tournament

Registration is currently open, but people can also show up on tournament day, which is Saturday, November 5, and sign up.

KINGSVILLE, Texas — The Texas A&M University-Kingsville Golf Program is hosting its fifth annual golf tournament, but this tournament is unlike any other as all proceeds go directly to the program.

“We’re counting on this tournament to help fund travel and help fund equipment and maybe even help with summer school to help pay for some of those kids’ diplomas,” said Stefanie Maynard, l Head Women’s Golf Coach of TAMU-K.

There are 10 golfers on the team.

“We’re going to travel to California and Arizona in the spring,” Maynard added, “those trips are expensive. It’s not easy to fly right now.”

All 10 athletes have partial scholarships and between 30 and 70 percent of their academics are covered, so when the community gets involved, they invest directly in the Javelinas.

“People don’t really know and always ask ‘Where is Kingsville, Texas?’ and we always have to say ‘It’s 45 minutes south of Corpus Christi’, we always have to point out something else. We’re always trying to grow our name,” said Katelyn Habib, a senior golfer for the Javelinas.

They said the program wouldn’t be what it is without the support of the community.

“I’ve paid for duffle bags in the past, they’ve paid for summer scholarships, I’ve paid for some girls to graduate, and then they helped us get to Florida a couple of times. We went to Philadelphia in May, and that helped pay for that as well,” Maynard said.

The tournament is located in Corpus Christi at the Lozano Golf Center.

“They don’t just represent us, but the whole university, and it would be really nice for people to come out and support and represent blue and gold,” Habib added.

There is a small treat for competitors with the best swing.

“We’ve got hole-in-one prizes, we’ve got closets up to the pin, long drive. First through third place teams get Javelina gear,” Maynard said.

Registration is currently open, but people can also show up on tournament day, which is Saturday, November 5, and sign up.

To register click here. To donate to the program, click here.

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