Residents question plans to turn Steele Creek Golf Course into campground | Govt. and politics

BRISTOL, Tennessee — The Bristol Tennessee City Council heard from a resident representing Steele Creek Colony neighbors regarding the city’s premature plan to replace the Steele Creek Golf Course with a campground.

“I am grateful to hear the council is moving away from repurposing the golf course to a campground for RVs and tents,” Jim Jordan said at the Tuesday evening meeting. “I have spoken to several landowners in Steele Creek Colony, and [they] all are opposed to camping there.

Jordan highlighted the effect the campground would have on the aesthetics of the neighborhood, property values ​​in the area, and other concerns Steele Creek Colony residents share regarding safety.

“The aesthetic value of having green space on the golf course is much preferred to asphalt, rock concrete for roads and electrical, water, sewer lines, bathhouses , security lights and other necessities for camping, which would harm the nature park and surrounding residential area,” Jordan told the council. “Another reason we objected was the possibility of an increase in drug and human trafficking, which will create a safety risk for children in the park and our neighborhood.”

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After explaining why residents of Steele Creek Colony are against the campground, Jordan pointed out that they were all in favor of the other plans suggested to make Steele Creek Park more accessible and enjoyable for the Bristol community.

“We agree with your plans to improve walking and cycling paths. We are also for the repaving of the park road and parking areas and the trail around the lake. We are for those things that are in the best interest of all people in Bristol,” Jordan said. “We want visitors to feel welcome at Steele Creek Park with a variety of activities, including a golf course and driving range.

The city council has contracted with a consulting firm called The Sports Facilities Cos. who held public consultation sessions in December 2021 and then contributed ideas on how to better utilize the Steele Creek Park property for the benefit of all city residents. Steele Creek Golf Course, a nine-hole course, has been called into question after losing more than $75,000 in at least each of the past four years.