Residents of Eustis are trying to stop the project from turning the golf course into hundreds of new homes

LAKE COUNTY, Florida. – Eustis commissioners voted unanimously Thursday night to approve a Planned Unit Development (PUD) overlay for the Pine Meadows reservation.

More than 540 homes will be built in the area known to many for its golf course.

Several people pleaded with the commissioners to block the project. They were not against the development of new houses but opposed the number of houses.

Neighbors also pointed to key issues that could follow construction, such as increased traffic, flooding, a higher crime rate and the displacement of wildlife.

Jessica Smith came to public comment with a unique concern. She said with new homes comes more children. She doubts the Lake County School District can sustain the growth.

“Our schools are absolutely slammed,” Smith said.

While most of those present at the meeting were not fans of the proposed project, there were dissenting voices.

A business owner from Eustis said that to bring more businesses to the city there had to be a place to house them.

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Affordable housing additions are already incredibly hard to come by.

Ben Snyder is Land’s vice president in Hanover. He leads the project.

Snyder acknowledged that the most common problem with the project is the number of homes they plan to build.

“We know 548 seems like a lot of units,” Snyder said. “We could have requested 741, so 548 is significantly lower than the maximum requested.”

Abby Boyd opposed the development and was disappointed after the commissioners made the final decision.

“I feel like they were ignoring the citizens who live here and prioritizing people who might move here,” Boyd said.

The developers plan to create the following during the project:

  • Accessory buildings

  • Lodge/Hut

  • Site trailers

  • dog park

  • Belvedere

  • Maintenance buildings

  • Parks

  • Pool

  • Real Estate Office

  • Retention basins

  • sales center

  • Detached Single Family

  • Attached Single Family

  • Tennis court

  • Townhouses

  • Trails

Snyder said it would be a gradual development spanning the next seven to nine years. He said it could be two years before they open for sale.

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