Region 1 Golf Tournament: Calloway and Murray High Find Directions for State Tournaments at CCP, MCC | High schools

MURRAY –There is a reason why golfers in Calloway County and Murray High quit playing games after last Tuesday.

This was so that the respective teams could familiarize themselves with the venues for this week’s Boys and Girls Region 1 tournaments. The boys will try to tame one of the most difficult courses in western Kentucky by joining the rest of the region at the Country Club in Paducah, while the girls’ team doesn’t have to go very far. : the Murray Country Club.

Calloway’s head coach Charlie Miles said his boys visited the CCP on Wednesday, a day after fairly heavy rain fell in the Paducah area. This may hide what this course is capable of creating in terms of difficulty.

“There’s a decent amount of holes up there where you just have to hit the tee and not be in trouble,” said Miles. “Also, you can expect the greens to be quick, but the most important thing is to get off the tee well.”

If that happens, he has four players who can get a State Place. This season the Lakers have been very consistent, with everyone generally finishing within three or four strokes of each other. For nine holes, mostly the Lakers were in the low in the mid-1940s.

“Everyone has a good chance of qualifying,” said Miles of juniors Aiden Poston and Caleb Ticknor, senior Tanner Crouch and second Micah Koenecke. “The important thing is that if the going gets tough they have to keep playing because you maybe think you won’t have a good enough score to qualify, then you realize that if you could have avoided getting that bogey, maybe you could qualify.

This was exposed on the girls’ side last Monday. Sophomore Javen Campbell was not happy with her performance at the Kentucky Class 2A State Tournament in Owensboro, but when the scores were counted she had finished in the top 10 out of more than 50 players.

“It just shows how you can never give up,” said Miles, adding that playing the women’s event at MCC produces an advantage his team has capitalized on. “They’ve been able to play there a few times this season, and with (MCC) being here where we can access it, we’re really lucky to be able to play there a bit.”

Campbell will lead Calloway in MCC, with rookie Kaylee Tharp and sisters Brie and Bailey Lucas, both of whom will play in a regional for the first time.

Murray High head coach Denise Whitaker said she was excited about her Lady Tigers’ chances, especially after their strong performance at the Kentucky All-A State Tournament in Richmond. Murray High finished fourth in the team and Whitaker said the experience gives his team confidence, especially on their home run.

“We’re ready,” Whitaker said, focusing on the group of freshmen Emerson Vaughn and Macy Saylor and sophomores Jansyn Hays. “They all know what it’s about because they went out to declare last year (led by Mary Browder Howell and Claire Whitaker, both graduates). But we also have Amélie Johnson (eighth grade) and Catherine Kim (junior) going to go and we’ll see if we can start over.

“I like the attitude of these girls, however. When they left the State All-A tournament, they were talking to each other and saying, “We have to make a goal of getting back here.” It tells me that they really want to play well and that they are still young.

On the boys’ side, Murray may seem experienced with three seniors. However, all three are playing in their regional debut, which is why they went to the CCP last week for a game.

“Well we’ve been soaked,” she said of how the Tigers had to endure a rainstorm. “Now it’s a tough course when it’s not raining, but it got really tough when it was raining.

Junior Tucker Blane has been Murray High’s most consistent player and will head today as No.1 player. Kyle Crady, Caden Kelly and Nick Holcomb are seniors making their regional debuts and rookie Ian Dahncke, also a regional rookie, will complete Murray High’s lineup today.

The Tigers are missing junior Grant Whitaker, who qualified for the State Tournament a year ago, but due to a wrist injury he sidelined him for much of the season.

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