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Fundraising efforts are underway through a 50/50 Pot of Gold draw now through March 16 in support of the Children’s Health Foundation’s Bear Essentials program.

The raffle is intended to raise funds for the Support Program which helps families on Vancouver Island pay for health-related travel and equipment costs for children dealing with a variety of unique health conditions.

The intention of the program is to break down barriers to access, said Director of Family Programs and Impact, Anita Brassard.

“The program started in April 2021 and not even a full year into the program yet, we’ve funded 232 pieces of equipment and 533 trips,” Brassard said. “We are Islanders supporting Island children; we want to support needy families and children in our own backyard.

Support is available to help cover travel costs associated with receiving health care, medical or therapeutic equipment, specialty formulas, uninsured drugs, and therapies not covered by public health insurance.

Laura Lidstone said Bear Essentials provided her non-verbal son, Lucas, with equipment that improved his ability to communicate his needs, especially at school.

“When you have a child with special needs, help is not well known and you have to seek out help and support – especially financial support.”

When Lidstone discovered Bear Essentials, she was thrilled when her application for Lucas was approved and a voice tablet was funded.

“He uses it every day at school – it has all his classmates’ names on it and he’s able to use it functionally – like asking for a cucumber,” she said. . “We also recently went to a Bear Essentials donor event and he ended up hitting the ‘love it, thank you’ button, and it was totally spontaneous.”

Bear Essentials also provided an activity chair that helps Lucas sit up properly while he eats, a room for an all-terrain stroller that allows the family to walk together as he tires easily, and a double bed fitted with compartments that create ease for her night nurses. .

The support from Bear Essentials has been incredible for Lucas and his family, Lidstone said. She hopes to help other parents who have children with special needs feel more optimistic and supported.

To contact Lidstone, contact her at [email protected]

Tickets for the raffle are available online until March 16 and the draw takes place on March 17. The raffle jackpot will be split in half, with half of the proceeds going to the winner and the other half to supporting the Bear Essentials program.

Buy raffle tickets at islandkidsfirst.rafflenexus.com/a/email-referred.

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