Nightcaps Golf Club puts its name in the record books

Nightcaps Golf Club captain Stu Dobbie proudly holds the Laing Shield.

Kavinda Herath/Stuff

Nightcaps Golf Club captain Stu Dobbie proudly holds the Laing Shield.

The remarkable Nightcaps dynasty of golfers has entered uncharted territory.

Nightcaps Golf Club beat Winton in 2016 to claim the Laing Shield, a symbol of Southland men’s golf supremacy.

Six years later and on Saturday against Queens Park he defended the Shield for 62nd, making it a record for the prized trophy which was first contested in 1909.

The Laing Shield is a challenge trophy among men’s teams representing Southland golf clubs.

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* Earning Laing Shield boosts spirits in Nightcaps Golf Club
* The golf club’s impressive 35 wins in the Laing Shield competition

The challenger and holder have each fielded six amateur men who are full financial members of the respective clubs.

Players from each team meet an opponent in matchplay over 18 holes.

Dipton Golf Club held the record 62 defenses from 2005 to 2011.

In July, Nightcaps equaled that mark of 62 defenses with a win over Invercargill Golf Club before toppling Queens Park on Saturday to make the small west Southland club the stand-alone record holder.

They did it in style with a 6-0 win.

The fairy tale story of Nightcaps Golf Club has been well documented before it won the Laing Shield in 2016, there was talk of closing the club and leasing the course grounds.

This was because of the decrease in the number of members playing with only seven at the time.

However, Laing Shield’s victory halted lease negotiations and over the next six years he not only etched his name in the Southland golf history books, but Nightcaps were able to increase his player count. and in turn survive.

To date, seventeen players have been used during the Nightcaps’ six-year tenure at Laing Shield.

They are Ash Murray, Alan Roberts, Gordy Sharp, James Harding, Murray Proctor, Peter Booth, Jay Pethric, Keith Clark, Chris Sherlock, Kyle Dobbie, Ross Mangels, Stu Dobbie, Brett Dobbie, Keith Harvey, Snow Black, Stan Todd and BJ Hansen.