New photo shows Tiger Woods’ injured right leg without a sleeve

If you weren’t impressed with Tiger Woods’ return to golf, visual evidence of damage to his right leg in his February 2021 single-vehicle crash might change that.

Despite showing signs of fatigue and pain, Woods has impressed in his return to major championship golf, making the cut in his two Masters and PGA Championship appearances.

As the golfing world has set its sights on Brookline Country Club for the US Open, Woods has opted to stay home and rest his leg ahead of the St. Andrews Open next month.

Instead of playing golf, the 46-year-old reportedly spent Father’s Day weekend watching his son, Charlie, play in a junior golf tournament.

Woods was pictured at the event with a young player. He is pictured wearing a pair of black golf shorts, without the sleeve he has been wearing since the accident.

One thing is clear from the photo: Woods’ injured right leg — which at one point had been a candidate for amputation — is noticeably different from his left leg.

There are visible scars from the emergency surgery he underwent to repair his leg and ankle. Additionally, the inside of the calf appears concave, while the lower leg as a whole appears to protrude unnaturally.

The only sign of assistance is what appears to be a band helping to support his ankle.

The new image makes the 15-time major winner’s efforts at Augusta National and Southern Hills all the more monumental, and begs the question: if he can make the cut just 14 months after that serious injury, how long before he won’t win again?