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The Nebraska Women’s Golf Team made their way to the tournament championship at the end of the two days Marilynn Smith / Sunflower Invitational in Manhattan, Kansas.

Sophomore Lindsey Thiele and junior Nicole Hansen shared individual medalist honors in the tournament, both breaking personal bests in the process. It was the first time the Huskers had won the tournament, with the team’s total score ending six strokes ahead of Sam Houston State University.

Before the last day, Thiele led the field of 62 players. After two rounds, the Wahoo, Nebraska native had a total score of 141. Thiele shot a 70 and a 71 in the first two rounds, two and one under par, respectively. She finished, at the end of three rounds, with a career-best 219 strokes, just three above par.

Hansen clocked a career-high 70 in the first round on Monday but fell short with a second round of 77. However, she rallied on the final day and reached par, finishing with 219 overall for the tournament and sharing the individual medal.

Kansas State freshman Remington Isaac got the chance to steal the title co-ownership from Hansen and Thiele after hitting a record 68 in the first round and a respectable 74 in the second round. However, Isaac couldn’t keep his momentum going in the last lap, shooting a 78. This gave him a shot past Thiele and Hansen at 220 overall.

Nebraska divided the tournament into two teams, an “A” team and a “B” team, each consisting of four players. Thiele and Hansen were both from the “B” team, the other two players being freshmen Miu Takahashi and Andrea Velez.

Takahashi is tied for fifth thanks to an incredible 68 in the second round, although she suffered a drop the next day with a 79 in the last lap. His 68 in the second round was tied for tournament best, sharing with four other golfers. Velez hit 75, three above par, on each round she played and finished tied for 19th.

In the “A” team, Nebraska seniors Kristen Baete and Vanessa Bouvet both tied for fifth with Takahashi. Although not having the extremes of the Takahashi game, the senior pair hit steadily, Baete finishing 72-76-74 and Bouvet 75-72-75.

Team “A” finished sixth overall for the tournament, just one stroke behind the University of the Word Incarnate in San Antonio, Texas.

Senior Megan Whittaker of Team “A” finished the tournament tied for 23rd overall, with her Top 25 ranking secured by a 74 in the final round. His total score rose to 75-77-74. Whittaker shared his final score of 226 with four other players.

Second-year Slovak international Michaela Vavrova finished 42nd in the tournament for Team “A” and reached a first round of 76, but was unable to capitalize thereafter and finished with a score of 239, 19 above par. Rookie Lena Hassert finished 60th in the tournament with a performance of 89-82-85.

The Husker Women’s Golf Team travels to Monterey, Calif. For Molley Collegiate, a two-day tournament that kicks off at 10 a.m. on September 27.

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