Modernization and extension of the Wärtsilä power station for the largest gold mine in Senegal

Posted by Paul Moore on August 16, 2022

Technology Group Wärtsilä will provide an 18 MW extension to the power generation facility and upgrade the electrical and automation system of the existing power plant at the Sabodala-Massawa gold mining complex in Senegal, West Africa. the West. The mine is owned by Endeavor Mining, one of the world’s leading gold producers. The upgrade and expansion project will allow for the full integration of all of the site’s power generation capacity, while ensuring the availability of electrical power needed to maintain and expand the mine’s production schedules.

The order with Wärtsilä was placed by Sabodala Gold Operations and it was recorded in Wärtsilä’s order intake in Q3 2022. The project will be delivered under a full engineering, procurement and construction contract (EPC). The Sabodala-Massawa mine is the largest producing gold mine in Senegal and is located in the eastern part of the country in the Kédougou region. The planned expansion of the Endeavor mine will transform Sabodala-Massawa into a premier gold asset with additional production.

“Wärtsilä has extensive experience in providing power solutions for mining operations around the world. Being off-grid means the captive plant must be able to provide a reliable supply of electricity at all times, as no power equals no output. The Wärtsilä 32 motors selected for this expansion project have earned a solid reputation for high efficiency and reliability even in the harshest ambient conditions, eliminating revenue losses due to power shortages,” said Marc Thiriet , Director of Energy Activities, West Africa, Wärtsilä.

The three Wärtsilä 32 engines that will be installed are 20% more fuel efficient than the factory’s existing engines. Their energy efficiency minimizes environmental impact by reducing harmful CO2 emissions. In addition to their outstanding performance, they have the flexibility to support a smooth transition to integrating solar power and energy storage into the system. The electrical and automation system upgrade will optimize the interconnection and control of the existing power plant with the extension.

The project is expected to be completed and commissioned before the end of 2023. Wärtsilä is the leading supplier of power generation equipment in Senegal and already has 543 MW of installed capacity in a total of 20 power plants in the country. 458 MW of this capacity is subject to long-term service agreements from Wärtsilä.