McDowell and Union City Boys Golf Teams Win District 10 Team Tournaments

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MEADVILLE – Football wasn’t Friday’s only sporting clash between Cathedral Prep and McDowell.

The prelude to this game took place at the District 10 boys’ golf tournament. The Ramblers and Trojans contested for the Class 3A tag team title at the Meadville Country Club.

This trophy was presented to McDowell, which shocked Prep 330-333. The Ramblers were the Region 6 regular season champions and also looked to defend themselves as a Class 3A PIAA champion.

The margin of victory at the top of Friday’s Class 2A team standings was even slimmer.

Union City, with a total of 329 strokes for four players, edged out Mercyhurst Prep’s 331. Grove City was third at 338 and Corry fourth at 343.

McDowell and Union City advanced to team PIAA action later this month.

Class 3A team

Normally, the winner of the team game is determined by a third, fourth or fifth golfer in someone’s starting lineup.

Not this time.

Joey DeAngelo, the Trojans’ No. 1 starter, posted a par of 72.

Breckin Taylor of the Ramblers, the 2020 district champion, scored a 10 in his round of 84.

Junior Trey Thompson posted Prep’s low score with his 78.

McDowell coach Jason Markiewicz has chosen to focus more on what the Trojans have been going through last year and this year, rather than Taylor’s unusual double-digit hole.

The 2020 Trojan season came to an abrupt end when they were denied the opportunity to compete as individuals or as a team in the Districts. The Millcreek School District has suspended all sporting events due to a spike in high school COVID-19 cases.

The decision was made the same day McDowell’s male golfers were scheduled to compete in Meadville.

While the pandemic didn’t have the same impact on current Trojans as it did last year, it still dominated them.

“I’m proud of them for what they’ve been through for the past two years,” said Markiewicz. “We had a pretty strong team last year, but it was shut down due to COVID-19. The guys fought back, and I think it made them tougher.”

Will Neumaier (82), John Ferretti (83) and Greg Berlin (93) were McDowell’s other golfers who made up his official team score. Logan Carrick also shot a 95.

Class 2A team

Union City coach Steve Yovich was in an anxious state throughout Friday’s five-team competition. He believed that a green and white team, the Bears or the Lakers, would win.

However, he was also sure it would be because of a stray tee shot here or a birdie putt made there.

What made the situation worse, according to Yovich, was all the unexpected downtime he experienced throughout the tour.

“When I got here, (tournament director Mike Ferry) said, ‘You don’t have any assignments (Friday). “This is the first time in 27 years that I have done this that I have no job. I would have preferred to watch a group,” said Yovich.

Yovich said he followed a quartet that included Saegertown actor Dylan Flinchbaugh in order to avoid thinking about the plight of Union City golfers.

Alright, as it came out.

Josh James led the Bears with a 76, followed by Cole DeSimone’s 79. Tyler Parkhurst (81) and Matt Bennett (93) were their other team scorers.

Matt Yaple (95) completed the starters for Union City, which Yovich said benefited from every competitive round that James, DeSimone and Parkhurst took part in last summer on Friday.

“A lot of times when kids come to districts they’ve never played (a tournament) like this,” he said. “Then they get nervous. With guys like Josh, it’s just another round of golf. You can have a good day, a bad day, or somewhere in between. But when you play in the summer, it that kind of pressure is easier to deal with. ”

Joe Fugagli’s 79 was the round low for the second-place Lakers, and Maxx Rimdzius shot a 76 for the fourth-place Castors.

Class 3A individual

DeAngelo’s par 72 also established himself as the low round of the district’s individual ranking. He will have a six-stroke lead over Thompson and eight over Ryan Eastbourn of Prep, Kyle Westfall of Erie High and Michael Mahoney of Meadville before Saturday.

“I know there is going to be some tough competition out there,” DeAngelo said. “I knew I wasn’t one of the favorites so I figured if I went out and played my turn, I would get as close to the lead as possible.”

“I hit a lot of greens in regulation (Friday) and the flat stick (putter) was on fire. It was the clutch.”

Taylor’s 10 on the Meadville fifth hole was not only a big reason Prep didn’t win the tag team title, but it’s also why he won’t repeat as the District 3A Individual Champion.

The junior round of 84 was one stroke off the cut line for Saturday’s second round.

Taylor was neutral on what haunted him at the fifth hole, when he hit one errant tee shot and two provisional shots, along with others.

“Like I said the other day, my swing is all over the place right now,” Taylor said. “It’s as bad as ever and the fifth (hole) was just a tragedy for me.”

Saturday’s gold and silver medalists will jump into PIAA action. (The last round didn’t end until press time.)

Class 2A individual

James and Rimdzius are still looking for the top spot in the field of small schools. Their identical scores of 4 of 76 followed Flinchbaugh by two.

DeSimone and Parkhurst also made the cut for Saturday’s closing 18 holes.

“We all felt pretty good on the range,” said James. “We all trusted our plays at the start and hoped it would play out throughout our rounds. Our putting (Friday) wasn’t good except for Cole, but we did it anyway. “

The top eight players after 36 holes will qualify for the national competition.

Editor-in-chief Tom Reisenweber contributed content to this report.

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District 10 Men’s Golf Championship Round 1 Results Friday at Meadville Country Club




CITY OF THE UNION (329) – James 76, DeSimone 79, Parkhurst 81, Matt Bennett 93

MERCYHURST PREPARATION (331) – Fugagli 79, Momeyer 81, Lucas Fosco 82, Corey Morrison 89

GROVE CITY (338) – Matson 77, Hamilton 87, Logan Goodrich 87, Trent Nemec 87

CORRY (343) – Rimdzius 76, James 82, Zac Ahl 89, Butchko 96

GREENVILLE (382) – Stubert 89, Stuyvesant 93, J. Csonka 94, T. Csonka 106

Individual (top 15 advance to Saturday)

Dylan Flinchbaugh, Saegertown 74 +2

Josh James, Union City 76 +4

Maxx Rimdzius, Corry 76 +4

Toby Matson, Grove City 77 +5

Jacob Wolak, Slippery Rock 77 +5

Cole DeSimone, Union City 79 +7

Joe Fugagli, Mercyhurst Prep 79 +7

Will Fessler, Fairview 80 +8

Kole Flint, Conneaut 81 +9

Aiden McCracken, Franklin 81 +9

Nick Momeyer, Mercyhurst Prep 81 +9

Tyler Parkhurst, Union City 81 +9

Nate James, Corry 82 +10

Ryan Hathaway, North East 83 +11

Eli Ellison, Mercier 84 +12

Joe Grundy, Saegertown 84 +12

Jack Hadley, Slippery Rock 84 +12

Charlie Motter, Oil City 85 +13

Jake Welcheck, Conneaut 86 +14

Tyler Hamilton, Grove City 87 +15

Nathan Feltmeyer, Fort LeBoeuf 88 +16

Aiden Enoch, Hickory 89 +17

Adam Snyder, lake view 89 +17

Brandon Stubert, Greenville 89 +17

Matt Drabant, Fairview 90 +18

Cooper Baum, Conneaut 91 +19

Ryan Brown, Hickory 92 +20

Ethan Cunningham, Grove City 92 +20

Aidan Sweezy, Jamestown 92 +20

Jackson Gadsby, Lakeview 93 +21

Jaime Miller, Fort LeBoeuf 93 +21

Nate Stuyvesant, Greenville 93 +21

Kasen Neely, Titusville 93 +21

Zach Lanschak, Hickory 94 +22

Conner Butchko, Corry 96 +24

Will McMahon, Oil City 96 +24

Luke Sweet, West Middlesex 101 +29

Ty Csonka, Greenville 106 +34




McDOWELL (330) – DeAngelo 72, Neumaier 82, Ferretti 83, Greg Berlin 93

PREPARATION OF THE CATHEDRAL (333) – Thompson 78, R. Eastbourn 80, Taylor 84, Vahey 91


Joey DeAngelo, McDowell 72 E

Trey Thompson, Preparation of the Cathedral 78 +6

Ryan Eastbourn, Preparation of the Cathedral 80 +8

Michael Mahoney, Meadville 80 +8

Kyle Westfall, Erie 80 +8

Will Neumaier, McDowell 82 +10

Braddock Damore, Warren 83 +11

John Ferretti, McDowell 83 +11

I missed the cut

Jackson Dailey, General McLane 84 +12

Breckin Taylor, cathedral preparation 84 +12

Evan Nadzam, Erie 85 +13

Owen Blum, Warren 86 +14

Alex Vahey, Preparation of the cathedral 91 +19

Jacob Eastbourn, Preparation of the Cathedral 92 +20


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