KT Desert Drive: How to prepare your car for a great off-road experience – News

All equipment – including tool boxes, first aid kit, gauge and camping gear – should be securely fastened in the trunk. This will allow you to focus only on the road

Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 07:00

Driving in the desert is adventurous and fun, but the terrain brings its own challenges. Even a skilled driver can face tough times if the vehicle is not properly prepared for the experience.

Before you embark on the Khaleej Times’ Desert Drive on November 26th this year, we’ve got some tips and tricks for checking the vehicle’s readiness for an evening of fun and adventure. Some of the points listed can be ticked off now and the rest before you embark on your journey:

Towing hooks and points

The car must have tow hooks front and rear. Without these, it would be difficult to recover the vehicle in case it gets stuck in the sand.


The effective steering, braking and accelerating forces of a vehicle are transmitted through the tires, making them the most active safety equipment in a car. When checking the readiness of your vehicle, pay particular attention to the condition of all four tires and the spare tire. And while you’re at it, check for any damage in the suspension as well.


You will need a tire pressure gauge to deflate the car before the ride. We recommend keeping one in the vault now and ticking it off the list.

Windscreen wipers

Take a quick look at the windshield wipers for any damage. Lift the wiper arm and bring it to a vertical position. Now check if the blade is not damaged. If they are not in good condition, remember to change them before departure. Also, on the day of the outing in the desert, remember to top up the washer fluid reservoir.

keep it light

Apart from the essentials, avoid carrying anything extra in your vehicle. We suggest keeping personal items such as cell phones, sunglasses, wallets, etc. in the glove box or console. All equipment, including tool boxes, first aid kit, gauge and camping gear, should be securely fastened in the trunk. This will allow you to just focus on the road, or shall we say, the dune in front of you and have a wonderful driving experience.

Health of your 4×4

Needless to say, the 4×4 you drive in the desert must be in perfect working order. This is not only important for a smooth and safe ride for you and the participants accompanying you, but also for the overall experience of the day. KT stewards may deem your vehicle unfit to participate in the event they spot a faulty 4X4 system.

The Khaleej times Desert Drive is Saturday, November 26 this year. And it will take you to the beautiful rolling dunes of Ras Al Khaimah.

If you still haven’t registered, you can do so by logging into https://ktdesertdrive.com/. Tickets go on sale November 10.

Trading Enterprises – Jeep is the new leader of the pack for driving as the event’s main sponsor. Desert Drive is also supported by: Castrol as our exclusive lubricant partner; GoodYear, as a strategic sponsor; Nature Valley, as nutrition sponsor; CAFU, mobile supply partner; Agthia, water partner; Baskin-Robbins, gold sponsor; Galadari Brothers, gold sponsor, and Al Hamra, hotel partner.