Hubbard seeks to ban golf carts from streets and sidewalks | News, Sports, Jobs

HUBBARD – Due to continued complaints about golf carts, city council has taken the first step to ban the use of these vehicles on public roads.

Council gave first reading to the ban on golf carts on public roads, rights-of-way and sidewalks at Monday’s meeting.

Mayor Ben Kyle said it was a safety issue.

“People saw young children on golf carts as they drove on the roads. There is concern for their safety from being on golf carts as they are driven in the streets with other vehicles ”, Kyle said.

The police department will take care of all golf cart issues, Kyle said, including issuing warnings. He said police officials were working on what offenders would face.

Kyle said carts are only allowed on private property, such as local golf courses.

In other cases, Kyle has said he plans to name the bridge on East Liberty Street (National Road 304) near the old Chevrolet Stiver as the “Purple Hearts Veterans Memorial Bridge.” Officials said an official consecration was scheduled for 2022.

Kyle said it will be the city’s second bridge to be named in honor of veterans and their service to the community.

Last May, the city, along with Trumbull County Commissioners, renamed the recently replaced Myron Street Bridge to the Hubbard Veterans Bridge. A ceremony was held on Memorial Day weekend.

In other matters, counsel:

• Announces that the Hubbard Holiday Parade will take place at 5 pm on December 11, followed by a meet and greet between the children and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus at Santa’s House in Tylee Park. A Shop Small Business winter market will also be from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

• Heard by Kyle, Eagle Joint Fire District firefighters and paramedics respond alongside Lane Life Trans to emergencies in the city and township. Officials said the two groups were working together to respond to appeals;

• Will call for tenders for the repair and overhaul of the water tank on Christian Avenue;

• Conclusion of an agreement with the Combined Health District of Trumbull County for a period of five years as an extension of the current contract for the city’s health-related services;

• Begin improving sidewalks on Myron Street as part of an Ohio Department of Transportation bridge project.

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