How to beat Gold Rathian in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak released its first major update, full of surprises, new missions and challenges. In a game as challenging as this, you can always find new enemies to face in battle, and as you hone your hunting abilities, the latest update introduces four new monsters to the roster.

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One of the four monsters introduced in this update is Gold Rathian, who is making a comeback after his last appearance in Monster Hunter Iceborne. This rare variant of Rathian displays acrobatic and quick moves, some of them even superior to those of Rathian, sporting a golden coating and breathing high-temperature flames ready to annihilate you. Here’s everything you need to know.


Gold Rathian – Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Leg, Tail
  • Resistant Points – Back, Head
  • Elemental Weakness/Disease – Water, Thunder
  • Elemental/Disease Resistance – Poison, Stun, Blast
  • Best Weapon Damage – Shooting Damage

Surprisingly, Gold Rathian is weaker against shot damage, something quite rare, but handy considering how strong his close-range moves are. That being said, the damage difference to Slash and Bludgeoning weapons isn’t that dramatic, and given how fast it moves, you might have a better time with blademaster weapons than trying. to aim your shots at her. On the elemental side, she’s weak to water and thunder, especially the latter, so weapons like Zinogre or Almudron lines can come in handy, but don’t expect status builds, as she resists both. to Blast, Stun, and Poison.

Best gear to fight Gold Rathian

  • Weapons – Oppressor’s Rift, Mud Shredders, Avidya Scythe (or any Nargacuga weapon)
  • Armor – Seething Bazelgeuse, Furious Rajang

Since Golden Rathian is weak to shots and thunder damage, you have an extremely effective tool in the Oppressor’s Rift, Zinogre’s Light Crossbow Rifle, which allows you to use armor-piercing rounds, which can be extremely useful against this particular monster. If that doesn’t convince you, you can go for the other weakness and use the Almudron Dual Blades, Mud Shredders, sporting purple sharpness and a massive amount of elemental damage. And while these blades can serve you well in combat, if you’d rather ditch the elemental approach altogether, anything with high affinity is highly recommended, of which Nargacuga weapons are the prime example.

On the armor side, anything with high fire resistance should do. The Pride (Seething Bazelgeuse) and Grand Divine Ire (Furious Rajang) sets are some of the best set options for this, but also keep in mind to use decorations that give you immunity to poison and stunning, otherwise you will have a boring time. In the battle.

Gold Rathian – Fight Breakdown & Moves

Think of Gold Rathian as a faster, spicier version of the well-known monster. Her moves are quick and more acrobatic than the normal version when she gets angry, so maneuvers like her poison tail swipe will now show alternate versions, one with a spiral move and another mixed with a moving tackle. Similarly, the usual chain of fireballs will also introduce new variations, one where it fires a bigger fireball followed by a blue flame AoE attack, and another similar one where it takes flight and fires a huge fireball of blue fire. Needless to say, the two hit very, very hard.

The general idea in this fight is to avoid being tackled or hit by its venomous tail swipe, so try to stay to its side at all times and reposition yourself as soon as possible otherwise. Her fiery attacks are usually pretty avoidable, but don’t get too comfortable as she’s fast and the AoE attacks will catch you off guard when you least expect it. In short, keep the offensive on its flanks and keep a careful distance when you see its mouth light up with blue flames.

Rathian Gold – Drops And Materials

Gold Rathian will drop the following items after breaking its parts or being defeated in battle:

  • Golden Rathian Shard
  • Golden Rathian Cortex
  • Golden Rathian Weave
  • Gold Rathian Stitch
  • Rath Glow
  • Rathian Ruby
  • Rathian Mantle

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