High school golf: Beaver wins fifth straight 2A State Championship

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The Beaver Boys Golf Team added another notch to their Dynasty Belt Thursday afternoon at the Roosevelt Golf Course on day two of the 2A State Golf Tournament.

Led by medalist Sky Moon, Beaver placed four golfers in the top nine as he qualified for a fifth straight state championship with a score of 632 in two days.

Rowland Hall was second in the distance with a total of 689 over two days.

The result was never really in doubt after Beaver opened up a 27-stroke lead after Wednesday’s frigid first round, but it still played better in the second round with a 12-stroke improvement for himself. run away with the title.

“We were a little younger this year and we had several players who stepped up. At the start of the year we started on some of the more difficult courses but they played better and better every week until the end, ”said Beaver coach Jason Pollard.

Moon, just a sophomore, alone accounted for half of that 12-count improvement.

After shooting an 80 in the first round and sitting in a three-way tie for fourth place, Moon backed him up with a 72 on Thursday to win with a two-stroke cushion over Carson Reynolds, sophomore from Waterford and Easton Toone , a freshman at Draper APA.

Beaver’s Hoyt Blomquist was the leader on Day 1 after shooting a 76, but had unfortunate breaks over the last nine on Thursday as a pair of double bogeys led to an 80 and a fourth place finish.

The Victorious Moon avoided the same big numbers, and the strategy was simple: leave the driver in the sack.

Moon’s pilot got him in trouble several times during the first lap, so on Thursday he left it in the bag and went with a 4 iron off the tee. Pollard said Moon can hit this 4 iron from around 260 yards, so it was a pretty solid strategy.

“When you can hit him that far and keep him in play, it gave him a lot of chances to score,” Pollard said.

The conservative approach led to 16 pars, one bogey and one birdie, which came on the last hole as Moon sealed the 2A medal honors.

Beaver’s Dallas Yardley was sixth with a score of 160 in two days. His 74 on Thursday was his best round of the season.

Pollard said one of the main reasons for Beaver’s continued dominance in 2A golf is his players’ love of the game, which they have had the opportunity to pursue.

About seven years ago, Pollard approached Beaver City and asked if they would be willing to cut the cost of an annual junior fare from around $ 200 to $ 50, then a $ 50 pass. He said if they did that, “these kids will be here all summer.” He said the course would easily make up the difference with food and drink sales.

The city agreed, and seven years later the results spoke for themselves in terms of trophies and the number of kids on the golf course.

“As a coach, I am fortunate to have players who want to be on the golf course. Very rarely you go to the golf course and don’t see one of the players there, ”Pollard said.

He said his players will be playing golf until the snow begins to fall this winter, and then in the spring they will again be among the first golfers in the community when the ice finally melts.

2A State Tournament Results

Team scores

At Roosevelt Golf Course

  • 1. Beaver, 632
  • 2. Rowland Hall, 689
  • 3. South Sevier, 699
  • 4. Gunnison Valley, 722
  • 5. Kanab, 732
  • 6. Waterford, 735
  • 7. Saint Joseph, 745
  • 8. Millard, 757

Individual results

  • 152 – Celestial moon, beaver
  • 154 – Carson Reynolds, Waterford; Easton Toone, Draper APA
  • 156 – Hoyt Blomquiest, beaver
  • 158 – Matt Siegal, Rowland Room
  • 160 – Dallas Yardley, beaver
  • 161 – Jex Jones, Company
  • 163 – Braxton Stubbs, South Sevier
  • 164 – Jace Richter, beaver
  • 167 – Canon Randall, Saint-Joseph
  • 169 – Mercer Paradise, Rowland Room
  • 170 – Rhett Woolstenhulme, north summit
  • 173 – Cannon Thornock, South Sevier
  • 174 – Rexton Hollinghead, beaver; Steele Vernon, North Summit
  • 177 – Mace Robinson, beaver
  • 178 – Kale Glover, Kanab; Tegan Hanning, beaver
  • 179 – Myles Bartholomew, Gunnison Valley; Carson Kawabata, Rowland Hall

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