Have your car serviced at Gold Touch Car Wash in Waipahu

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Honolulu (KHON2) – Midas Hawaii’s Gold Touch car wash in Waipahu offers customers full service options.

“No other car wash in Hawaii has the equipment we have here at Gold Touch. The media that touches your car is a soft, foam-like material spinning at one-third the speed of standard car washes, providing a less abrasive wash,” says Jordan Locquiao, Operations Manager at Gold Touch Car Wash.

Customers who enjoy Gold Touch car washes now have the option of becoming a member. It’s a great deal that Locquiao says is worth the investment.

“Those who wash their car often would really benefit from becoming a member. You can become a member and wash your car as many times as you want during the month for as little as $29.99 per month,” Locquiao explained. “Our most popular subscription is the Midas Touch plan which includes our best laundry products and a 10% discount on any work done at Midas.”

Those who become members can add “full services” to their car wash, which includes vacuuming the front and rear seats and floors, washing the interior windows, wiping the console and dashboard and wiping door jambs.

“Members will get all of this for just $15, and $20 if they’re not. We also offer self-service payment vacuum cleaners if you want to do it yourself,” says Locquiao.

Those wishing to learn more about the services provided by Midas Hawaii are encouraged to visit the official Gold Touch Car Wash website.