Green Harbor Golf Club plans next 50 years at Marshfield

Now in its 50th year of operation, Green Harbor Golf Club is upgrading and modernizing to remain an important part of the community – while staying true to the family style it is known for.

New technology, classic game

This summer, the club will inaugurate a furnished and covered driving range of 16 positions designed to appeal to experienced golfers and beginners. The range uses TopTracer Range technology, which manager Jordan Lamothe says makes it a fun and informative experience.

“With all these tools, it allows people to play different clubs and have different experiences and learn what golf is and what kind of shots they can make without just going to the course for five o’clock,” he said.

TopTracer tracks every shot via a network of cameras and gives the golfer detailed shot information on a screen at each bay. TopTracer also offers various games that golfers can use to compete against each other – and anyone else using technology on other ranges.

Golfers can also virtually play on famous courses in the United States and Europe, the characteristics of which are digitally mapped, with the actual shots taken at Marshfield reflected on screen.

The ball launcher at the new Green Harbor Golf Club driving range.

The technology also includes games designed for young golfers, such as “Go Fish” where each stroke “catch” one of many different fish, collecting the catch on the screen.

GHGC owners surveyed their customers, finding that the average golfer takes an average of four to 10 trips to a driving range each year. Now regulars can warm up for a round or come to the club to train for which they previously went elsewhere.

A feature of the range that is sure to appeal to golfers of all levels: the balls rise, already on the tee, from the ground, and automatically bring a new one up after each shot.

A bigger expansion

The range is part of a two-year expansion process for the third-generation family business.

Chairman of the board, John Harrington, said the company is adapting to changes in the golf industry: in the past 10 years, 800 golf courses have closed, while 2 300 training grounds have opened.

“It clearly shows that the market is changing, the industry is changing,” Harrington said. “We have this beautiful bucolic setting that [golfers] enjoy exclusively, we need to be able to invite a wider audience to enjoy the same incredible view.”

While enjoying the new driving range, golfers can order food from another new development, the golf club’s new restaurant, Winslow’s Kitchen and Bar.

“We used to be a place where you could get a hot dog and a beer, maybe an egg salad sandwich,” Harrington said. “Now we have an executive chef, so that’s a game-changer.”

Winslow's dining room and bar.

Winslow’s is currently open on a limited schedule, expanding as summer approaches. Check their website for updated hours.

However, as business changes, Harrington said the club is committed to sticking to his family’s mission.

“We want to have a place here where you’ll feel comfortable bringing your kids in the evening, having something to eat, letting the kids run around the green,” he said. “We are a family business, we are the keepers of the family memory.”

This memory lives in a striking physical manifestation; an old family home had to be removed to make way for the driving range, but that structure’s fireplace hearth continues to heat the restaurant’s patio.

Green Harbor Golf Club is located at 624 Webster St. For more information visit their website Or on instagram.