Golf courses and local restaurants see increased business thanks to warmer weather – NBC Connecticut

With temperatures nearing 70 degrees on Thursday, the mild weather helped local businesses that rely on the outdoors.

“We went out and it was so beautiful and we said, ‘We have to eat out,'” Newington’s Doris Rubasky said.

The record temperature for Nov. 3 is 78 degrees, down from 1990, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a gift, but it’s a bit scary,” said Lisa Stiepock of Storrs.

In Newington, warmer temperatures only helped Rooster Co. in their first season with a new back patio.

“We’re exceeding the expectations of people getting out and hanging out more,” said Jon Martin, director and owner of Rooster Co.

A few miles away, West Hartford’s GastroPark business ecosystem enjoyed similar late-season success.

“We have live music every Sunday, which is always nicer when they can perform outside, so it really extends our music cycle outside,” said Shari Vikmanis, co-owner of GastroPark.

Between GastroPark, food trucks and Perkatory Coffee Roasters, Shari Vikmanis said these places share a symbiotic relationship, so if the weather helps one, it really helps them all.

“There is a significant increase in sales on nicer days compared to rainy, overcast and cooler days, so the warm weather is definitely helping us,” said Joseph Perazella, co-owner of Perkatory Coffee Roasters.

While some restaurants are taking advantage of the heat, so are local golf courses.

“Basically it’s all just bonus,” said Rockledge Golf Course Assistant Josh Moses. “Obviously most of our income happens in the summer, in the spring, but any time they can play until November is great for business.”

That’s not to say cold temperatures would stop someone like Wethersfield’s Louis Visone from getting a fast 18-hole.

“Oh, I play until it snows. I kind of have a 40 degree cut off with no wind,” Visone said.

But not everyone is so excited, so for Rockledge Golf Club, the blue skies and balmy weather couldn’t have come at a better time with their annual Food Pantry tournament scheduled for this Sunday.

“The players bring in donations, food, money, whatever they can do, and then the proceeds from the tournament go to that as well, so it’s a really nice event,” Moses said.