GEO Foundation forms partnerships ahead of climate action event

The nonprofit GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf has formed various partnerships within the golf industry as it prepares to host an event on November 11 that will highlight the role golf can play in the golf industry. climate action and explore pathways to net zero emissions.

‘Driving for Net Zero’ was hosted by the GEO Foundation and will be broadcast virtually from Scotland’s Climate Ambition Zone in Glasgow, bringing together leading experts from UN agencies and other climate action bodies with representatives and examples of golf. The event coincides with the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), also held in Glasgow, which runs from October 31 to November 12.

“We are delighted to be able to present this event live and coinciding with COP26, as global attention is focused on the critical topic of climate action,” said Jonathan Smith, Executive Director of the GEO Foundation. “The program brings diverse expertise and perspectives from around the world, from golf to sport and beyond. The event will highlight why we need to take action, explore what we can do effectively, highlight examples of current leadership, and showcase new supports and solutions developed to accelerate the movement.

The event is supported by the Scottish Government and is part of a larger campaign for sustainable golf, which has been endorsed by partners such as The R&A, Toro, Dow Jones, European Tour, Ladies European Tour, LPGA, Galvin Green, Waste Management and many other associations.

Ahead of the event, the GEO Foundation announced its partnership with European Golf Design, which aims to become a carbon neutral design company.

The move towards net zero aligns with the European Tour’s Green Drive initiative, launched earlier this year on World Environment Day, when the Tour set a vision for becoming a leader in social and environmental responsibility, producing net positive impacts around the world.

With the support of the GEO Foundation, the design company will monitor and measure its carbon footprint in all areas of activity, reduce emissions where possible and mitigate where necessary by credibly offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions. inevitable greenhouse.

“For many years, sustainability has been part of the way we conceptualize, design and build courses,” said Jeremy Slessor, Managing Director of European Golf Design. “Now our updated and strengthened strategy aims to produce even more positive and measurable environmental and social impacts through course development and renovation, as well as new goals and actions in various other aspects of the business. “

The GEO Foundation has also established a partnership with the renewable energy specialist GreenClub.

Launched last fall, GreenClub works with golf courses and recreational venues to achieve their sustainable development goals. The London Golf Club and the Roganstown Hotel & Country Club have both benefited from the expertise of the consultants this year.

GreenClub and GEO Foundation will collaborate to promote sustainability across a range of platforms and markets, starting with the UK. They will also increase awareness of sustainability across all forms of media.

Golf clubs can gain a lot by focusing their attention on energy – where it comes from, what they can generate on their own, how they can sustain their facilities and how they can reduce consumption, costs and the shows, ”said Liam Greasley. , Managing Director of GreenClub. “We encourage clubs to embrace the expert advisory support we can provide and the personalized programs available that together can accelerate their progress as successful and sustainable businesses.

“We are delighted to be working closely with the GEO Foundation as an innovator and provider of sustainable golf solutions that combines services with their programs and connects our customers to the growing sustainable golf community. “

The “Driving for Net Zero” virtual event will take place on November 11 at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

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