Future of Pebble Creek golf course ownership remains unknown

The controversy continues at the Pebble Creek golf course in New Tampa.

The course closed last year after, according to court documents, the owner said he was struggling to stay afloat.

Meanwhile, residents think the owner wants to sell the land to a developer and add homes. To do this, Hillsborough County officials would need to approve the rezoning.

Leslie Green moved to Pebble Creek about 30 years ago. His house backs onto the old golf course.

“It’s important to me to protect this neighborhood to keep it from changing. It’s an old, established neighborhood. And I want Pebble Creek to stay the same. I don’t think it’s boring. But it’s my wish to keep Pebble Creek a happy and safe place where we can all be proud to live,” explained Green.

Green launched a website and a Facebook group called Save Pebble Creekin the hope of preserving a green space in the neighborhood and of not bringing in any more dwellings.

“What is our real concern is traffic and our exits and entrances. We all have our three entrances dumped on Bruce B. Downs. So this is going to cause more traffic on Bruce B. Downs. And that will affect neighbors surroundings,” Green said.

Meanwhile, owner Bill Place filed a lawsuit against Green, claiming his fight led to misleading and false claims. She has since fought back.

Place’s attorney did not return our request for comment.

The Save Pebble Creek group is holding a meeting on October 4 to discuss other plans.