Disc Golf Community Helps Spirits and Frisbees Take Flight in Vancouver

With warm temperatures lingering in Vancouver for now, but wild weather ahead due to La Niña, now is the best time to get out and enjoy summer to the fullest.

And if you’re looking for a new activity to try while the sun is out, how about trying your hand at disc golf?

Van City United Golf Club (VCU), also known as VanCity Disc Golf, is a community of players working to grow the sport throughout the city. And according to a longtime member, there are many benefits to playing.

“There are three big reasons why disc golf has become more relevant today,” Gagan Singh, community relations representative for VCU said in an interview. “Anyone can play together, regardless of age, skill level, gender, race, or ability. Family and friends hang out together, or you can spend some quality alone time.

“Disc golf is also an inexpensive sport with no green fees and the discs are cheap. Plus, it can help improve your health.

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Singh can personally identify with the latter as he discovered the sport at a difficult time in his life.

“I was exhausted from my job in Toronto, and when I came back I was mentally and physically crippled. That’s when I discovered disc golf,” Singh shared. “Sport took me away from my problems and allowed me to reconnect with myself and have fun while doing it.

“Disc golf is therapy for the mind as it naturally brings people outside to enjoy the exercise, fresh air and nature. There is a lot of pain in the world right now. and society’s sanity battle is getting worse. Developing disc golf is a simple way to help make things better.

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Becoming a member of VCU is free and registration takes less than a minute. All members have access to education, news, classes and activities, as well as insurance coverage for any local event.

Singh also encourages new and long-time players to become members of the non-profit organization to help leverage the size of its community to motivate the Vancouver Parks Board to create additional courses throughout the city.

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Vancouver is currently home to three disc golf courses: Little Mountain Disc Golf Course at Queen Elizabeth Park, Jericho Hill at West Point Gray and Quilchena at Shaughnessy. VCU members need their own discs to play, but Singh said players can use a regular beach frisbee for the first time.

“Queen Elizabeth [Park] is the most popular disc golf course in the Lower Mainland and is ideal for an after-work decompression session,” added Singh. “Jericho Hill is one of the largest disc golf courses in the Lower Mainland, but is expected to close in five years due to redevelopment. Jericho is a “safari” course where there is no main layout. Just baskets everywhere and you make your own holes.

“Quilchena is a lively park with 12 holes. Unfortunately, the course was not designed with safety in mind and the heavy foot traffic makes it a hazard. With the sport growing and two of the three courses soon unplayable, we are working with the Vancouver Parks Board to create more opportunities.

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Singh is excited about the future of disc golf in Vancouver and encourages everyone to try the sport.

“The club’s founders – Shawn Luco, Leanne Fulton and Ryan Hebert – started VCU in 2013 for one great reason: to create a safe space for anyone to get out and be part of the community,” Singh said. “Today, this philosophy has allowed the organization to have over 1,500 members and over 30 volunteers, and it is growing rapidly due to the rate of adoption of the sport.

“There are disc golf courses absolutely everywhere, and we host a bunch of beginner-friendly get-togethers every week, including Ladies Night. Give it a try because it really is something special.”

For more information about Van City United Disc Golf Club, visit vancitydiscgolf.ca.