Concerns over NCR Country Club’s plans for new indoor golf course bolster surveillance, business, real estate, traffic, USGA, PGA


Residents near the 67-year-old Dogwood Trail club have questioned the plans for the site and its impact on their homes.

“I have serious concerns about the impact of this commercial building on the adjacent neighborhood and the lack of information to mitigate its impact,” Kim Zorniger, a resident of Southern Boulevard, told the Kettering Planning Commission at the time. of a public hearing last week.

“NCR sees this as a positive point. We see a negative potential for the value of our properties, ”she added.

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The new building would allow golfers to hit one of six indoor bays up to the current driving range and use the latest technology in the industry, said K&A Architecture president Don Kiley, an NCR agent.

It would also include a putting area and a conference room, he said.

The facility would be built on the west end of the closest outdoor driving range to the south, according to city records.

With previous NCR plans, “great efforts have been made to minimize the impact of golf on the surrounding neighborhood,” but this plan “appears to do the exact opposite” due – in part – to the lack of information provided. by the club, Zorniger mentioned.

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She said the removal of trees and earthmoving equipment used to prepare the site for construction exposed previously buffered NCR land while creating more noise and traffic.

Club general manager Jeff Grant said preparations for the new building have created a temporary situation and now “most of the big work … with bulldozers is done.”

Grant said NCR wants to accommodate contractors’ schedules “so we’re trying to do it as quickly as possible.”

Some heavy equipment traffic on Southern includes vehicles used for the nearby Moraine Country Club and NCR does not intend to seek permanent access from that road to its property, Kiley said.

“NCR has been a good neighbor,” Kiley said, noting that one resident said the area was a “perfect” setting.

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“It’s a perfect setting because NCR is what it is,” Kiley said. “This is an upscale golf course in (United States). We’re not going to do anything about (badly) this. We have the Senior Women’s Open next fall. The last thing we’re going to try to do is put a bad product on the market. “

Kiley said he agreed with the compliance deal, which would give the city more oversight as work continues. The landscaping and netting requirements were already written into the conditional use, which the planning commission approved 3-0.

NCR member resident Bill Pardue said he “went from a good club to a great club”. But, in this case, he and his wife fully support the petition.

“I think the way this project has progressed – which has been shared and not shared – has not been appropriate,” Pardue said.

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Club member Mike Gearhardt said he was not a supporter of the change, but after Grant shared information with him, he is supportive of the plan.

“NCR has been around for 67 years now. I think they’re a very good citizen, ”Gearhardt said.

“I think they have demonstrated it over the years,” he added. “I think it’s good for the Dayton community, the Kettering community and I would like it to continue to grow and prosper in the future.”

Kiley said the goal is to have the new building built in the spring.

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