Cocktails and Intricate Courses Make New Mini Golf the Illinois Hot Spot

When I was a kid, miniature golf was played in Putt-Putt where the courses weren’t creative, you picked a golf ball that was red, blue, yellow, green, or orange, and the most exciting part of the round was the 18 hole.

On the 18th, if you get a hole in one, that means you win a free spin and your ball is gone forever.

Getting to the Galaga and Donkey Kong machine at the arcade inside the Putt Putt was more exciting than the actual game of mini golf.

But that won’t be the case on this insane new miniature golf course that doesn’t just put a giant clown’s head on a course of green felt and ponds filled with dirty water and leaves.

This newly opened mini-golf course called putter was “designed to be a visceral, painstakingly detailed experience that transports guests to a totally unexpected place,” according to their website.

Located in the Fulton Market District on W. Randolph Street in the West Loop, Puttery Chicago doesn’t just serve refreshments, they have “inventive culinary and craft cocktail options” and have many beautiful bars and lounges to relax and listen to. music after playing a trick.

According to their website, a game at Puttery is $21 per person with Reservations made online up to 10 days in advance. A tour lasts 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the group.

putter in Chicago just opened November 4th and prime time books up fast, especially Friday and Saturday nights, so CLICK HERE to learn more about booking a tee time or if you’d like to arrange a group event.

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