Chip Shots: Illini Women’s Golf at US Women’s Amateur

Hello Ilini Nation!

This is Crystal Wang, Isabelle Syand Alise Knudson sharing our experiences of the 122nd USA Women’s Amateur in Chambers Bay at University Place, Washington. Crystal and Alise arrived in Washington on Friday August 5th to play an additional practice round on Saturday August 6th. Saturday night, after the first practice lap, we attended the welcome party at the Pierce County Kite Festival. At the festival, there were several stalls serving different dishes as well as activities and games for the guests. Each player received a personalized tournament kit to qualify for the event. Isabel arrived later that evening to play her practice round the following day with Crystal in the afternoon, while Alise played in the morning to prepare for the first round start time.

Through practice rounds, we gained the lesson knowledge we needed to develop our own lesson strategies. The course provided opportunities to practice different shots as it is a links style course. The greens have lots of undulations and there are elevation changes throughout the course. Chambers Bay overlooks Puget Sound, an inlet to the Pacific Ocean, as well as mountains in the distance.

On the first lap, Alise was in the morning wave at 8:17 a.m., and Crystal and Isabel were in the afternoon wave at 2:12 p.m. and 12:11 p.m. Isabel shot in a round of 2 over par.75 and we all learned more on the course to help us on the second round. On the second lap, Crystal and Isabel were in the morning wave, and Alise was in the afternoon. Crystal capitalized on her knowledge and competed in a two under par 71 round. By playing a new style of golf course in different conditions, we all learned about our games and what we can improve on. our fall season is approaching. It was an amazing opportunity to perform in such a prestigious event in such an iconic location! We are very grateful for this experience and look forward to the chance to play the US Women’s Amateur again. Go Ilini!

Crystal, Isabelle and Alise