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Last February, Tiger woods suffered a serious traffic accident in Angels. The world’s most high profile golfer has lost control of his car, slipping off the track and playing in a grim disaster that has circled the globe. He even came to fear for his life as he suffered extensive leg injuries and had to undergo surgery.

His career is thus thwarted. “My physiotherapy kept me busy. I’m doing my routines every day and I’m focusing on my number one goal right now: walking alone. Take one step at a time, ”said the athlete after the accident.

However, during his rehabilitation period, an unexpected guest appeared: his son charlie wood. The 12-year-old brought back the illusion to Tiger. Considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time, he returned to walking on his own, which had become his primary focus, and he began to focus on his little one’s bright future.

Hug between Tiger Woods and his son Charlie, during a golf tournament.

Those who had seen him play assured that Charlie Woods has an innate talent. Father and son teamed up in family tournaments, and in the last one, little Charlie was all the rage. And is that despite the 12 years of Charlie, the Woods finished second in the PNC Championship celebrated on Orlando (Florida, United States).

The woods in Orlando

It was that same December that Tiger Woods announced he was replaying and would be doing it with his son Charlie. Much applauded news in golf for seeing Tiger in action again. The 45-year-old American golfer was responsible for announcing his return on social media.

“It has been a long and difficult year,” said Tiger Woods. The athlete said he was “very excited” to be able to close 2021 “by participating in the PNC championship” with his son Charlie. “I play as a father and couldn’t be more excited and proud,” he said then.

Charlie and Tiger Woods, during the PNC Championship 2021 golf tournament.

This is not the first time that the two have taken part in this tournament, but after the accident. In 2020, the Woods finished in seventh place. And this position has been improved in the 2021 edition. A second important position, only exceeded by the Daly. Couple whose son is 18 years old.

It may seem unfair that 17/18 year old parent-child couples, like Jean DalyCompete face to face with children the age of Charlie Woods. But the decompensation is adjusted because the under 13s play on a shorter field, up to nearly 900 meters shorter than the professionals.

Patience with Charlie

Tiger Woods’ son still has a long way to go. It is ranked number 103 in Florida. A symptom that being the son of who he is puts a lot of emphasis on his figure. His father acts as a teacher and the truth is that his performance in the 2021 PNC Championship left good feelings.

Charlie Woods handles the pressure remarkably well, experts say. He and Tiger signed 57 shots between the two, the best card of the day alongside that of the champions. It is said that his technique is spectacular and that he has everything to go golfing far. Of course, there is work to be done, as well as dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie, in the PNC golf championship in its 2021 edition

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie, at the PNC Golf Championship in its 2021 edition.

“His swing is a prodigy”, came to say Javier ballesteros. They were two steps away from the final victory and Tiger Woods could not be more proud of Charlie: “At home we are very competitive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a putting contest, golf, cards, or whatever. like that. There is always, always, competition. “

“This is how I was raised and our whole family is very, very, very competitive. We don’t like to lose, ”the golfer continued to reporters. Plus, he drew smiles from everyone in attendance with an anecdote of something Charlie told him: “Don’t do that shot, know what’s going to happen.” And I was like, jokingly, ‘take care of yourself.’

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