Campbell River and Gold River see heavy snowfall causing road problems

Northern parts of Vancouver Island experienced heavy snowfall during the last winter storm.

Campbell River resident Lewis Payne shoveled his driveway for the second time on Thursday.

His wife started shoveling early in the morning, but as the snow began to pile up again, the 80-year-old decided to turn around.

“It’s a little heavier than it was a few days ago. A few days ago it was nice and light and fluffy and it was pretty easy, but today it’s a little wet, ”said Payne.

In the city, public works crews had to make sure their equipment was accessible from falling snow before taking another shift on the roads. The city grew to 25 centimeters overnight, as Environment Canada predicted, adding to the 18 centimeters it had so far this year.

“One of the challenges we faced in this last overnight snowfall is that there are a lot of snow ridges coming out of residential areas on the main roads that people are stuck on, but we are trying to open them as soon as we can, ”said Drew Hadfield, operations manager for the City of Campbell River.

Authorities say it has been several years since we saw so much snow.

“About four years ago we had 80cm of snow in February and it seems like it’s a three to four year cycle that this event seems to be happening again,” said Hadfield.

But Gold River is the community that appears to have seen the greatest snowfall.

“It’s just amazing. It’s just amazing, ”said Brad Unger, Mayor of Gold River.

Unger estimates there has been more than four feet of snow in the past five days.

“I’ve been here for 85,” Unger said. “’93, ’96 was a lot of snow but not like that.”

All the snow puts a strain on the village’s resources.

“There is no place to put the snow. we pile it up wherever we can. Small village, we had three people 24/7 trying to keep up, ”Unger said.

But the mayor of Gold River said the rain had hopefully started, allowing crews to catch up.