Announcing the 2nd China Shaoxing Global High-Level Talent Innovation Competition of New Industrial Platform with “Wanmu Qianyi”

This competition is organized by the talent work steering group of the CPC Shaoxing municipal committee, organized by the office of the talent work steering group of the CPC Shaoxing municipal committee, the human resources and social security office of Shaoxing, and co-organized by Zhejiang Haijiao Human Resources Co., Ltd. (Haijiao Technology). The relevant contest questions are announced below:

I. Theme of the Competition

“Vigorous Shaoxing Leading The World With Wisdom” The 2nd China Shaoxing Global High-Level Talent Innovation Competition of a New Industry Platform with “Wanmu Qianyi”

II. Competition date

June – September 2022

III. Competition ground

The 2nd China Shaoxing Global High-Level Talent Innovation Competition of New Industrial Platform with “Wanmu Qianyi” is open to high-level talents at home and abroad. The competition is mainly to introduce high-level talents in integrated circuits, advanced polymer materials, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields, and accurately introduce high-level talents in key scientific and technological fields at home and abroad.

IV. competition system

The participants are divided into two groups: Innovation Group and New Talent Group, and the competition takes place in “2+2” mode. The Innovation group focuses on the integrated circuit and advanced polymer materials industries, while the New Talent group focuses on the biomedicine and high-end equipment manufacturing industries. A final group will be set up separately for Innovation Group and New Talent Group, and industry experts, business management experts, venture capital institutions, local key enterprise managers will be invited to train an expert judging panel, and winners will be determined by project roadshow and expert judging.

V. Category and conditions of competition

(I) Innovation Group

1. Those who have a doctorate;

2. Those who work continuously for more than 36 months in foreign universities, scientific research institutes and R&D institutes of well-known enterprises, and hold an official position; Those who are 40 years old and above should hold positions equivalent to those of associate professor or above in well-known foreign universities and scientific research institutes, or hold intermediate or senior technical positions in well-known companies and international financial institutions ;

3. Those currently working or starting a business abroad, or returning China (forthcoming China) after January 1, 2021 and intend to work in Shaoxing;

4. Those who work full-time in Shaoxing enterprises and institutions through two-way selection after winning the award generally need to sign a contract for more than 3 years.

(II) New Talent Pool

1. Those who are ready to enter the postdoctoral work station of our city for postdoctoral research;

2. Those who have obtained a doctorate for a maximum of 3 years; No limit on the number of years for obtaining a doctorate for those applying for research at the second station;

3. The age is generally below 35 years old, and the age of particularly outstanding talents can be relaxed appropriately;

4. In-service postdoctoral fellows should be mainly teaching and research staff in colleges, universities and scientific research institutes;

5. Conditions can be relaxed appropriately for overseas and returning students entering the station for postgraduate research.

VI. Competition process

(I) Talent Application. Application starts on June 16. Participants can download the application form from the “Open Government Affairs – Download Form” column on the official website of the Shaoxing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau ( , or in the column of “Public Service – Download the Information” on Haizhihui Shaoxing Talent Network (, fill it out and send it to the committee’s email address organization [email protected].

(II) Qualification review. The organizing committee will review the application documents and determine the list of candidates for the primary selection at the end of August.

(III) Mooring negotiation. From the beginning of July to the end of August, the organizing committee will organize the talents to be associated with the platform (postdoctoral position) (cloud docking), entrust the authoritative institutions to carry out the technical evaluation if necessary, and determine 50 people for each industrial competition. to enter into the evaluation of the project.

(IV) Project evaluation. End of August according to the registration documents provided by the participants, expert judges will be invited to select 10 projects separately from the Innovation group and the New Talent group to participate in the final based on the educational and scientific research experience, the ability to innovation, expected contribution and other dimensions, and based on the matching between participating talents and Shaoxing enterprises, scientific research institutes and other units.

(V) Finals. Mid and late September, the finals will be held in Shaoxing. 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes will finally be awarded in the Innovation Group. 1 gold prize, 2 silver prizes and 5 bronze prizes will be awarded in the New Talent Group.

VII. Rewards Support

(I) The winners of the first, second and third prizes of the innovation group will be directly identified as Class A talents, Class B talents and Class C talents of the hometown of celebrities, will be supported corresponding policy and will receive financial incentives from 100,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan and 10,000 yuanrespectively.

(II) Winners of the New Talent Group Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will receive financial incentives from 100,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan, respectively. Full-time postdoctoral fellows will receive daily financial support from 200,000 yuan/person and subsistence allowance of 300,000 yuan/the person; In-service postdoctoral fellows will receive day-to-day financial support from 150,000 yuan/person and subsistence allowance of 250,000 yuan/the person.

(III) The winners will be issued with talent certificates and talent green cards, and will benefit from housing grants, policies to support innovation and transformation of achievements and other policies. Inter-city, inter-provincial and cross-border finalists will receive free inter-provincial and inter-country subsidy and certain transportation subsidies (maximum subsidy not to exceed 5000 yuan depending on the place of actual departure).

VIII. Other topics

(I) Entrants must agree to the authenticity of the entry content, and the entry materials will serve as the basis for project evaluation and allocation of funds. All documents submitted, including intellectual property rights or patents obtained, must comply with the regulations in force and will be the responsibility of the participant.

(II) Entrants who fill in false information will be disqualified from the competition and the grant, the grant will be forfeited, and the relevant personnel will be investigated for legal liability according to law.

(III) No fees will be charged to participants. The individual income tax of the contest reward obtained must be declared by the participants.

(IV) If the contest is affected by force majeure, the host has the right to adjust or terminate the contest schedule accordingly.

(V) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to complete the rules of the competition at a later date and the right of final interpretation depending on the course of the competition. Questions not covered will be notified separately.

IX. Contact persons and coordinates of the organizing committee:

Contact people: Shi Yong HongYe Qingmei
Tel: 0575-85224992 15924103434
E-mail: [email protected]

SOURCE Haijiao Technology