ABD Solutions Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Amaroq Minerals to Study Vehicle Autonomy on the Nalunaq Gold Project

Posted by Paul Moore on August 22, 2022

Leading vehicle automation provider ABD Solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding with AIM and TSX listed Amaroq Minerals Ltd to investigate the potential for introducing vehicle autonomy systems for various mining vehicles at the site of the Nalunaq gold mining project in Greenland. The long-term goal of the MOU is to provide a framework for ABD Solutions to provide the support, software and hardware solutions needed to operate a diverse range of automation equipment and mining vehicles. adaptable to the Nalunaq site in Greenland.

These vehicles would be operated automatically and supervised from a central control room, improving safety and streamlining the mining process, both operationally and financially. “We look forward to working with Amaroq Minerals to bring automation to a range of mining vehicles and equipment,” said Matthew Price, Managing Director of ABD Solutions. “Our retrofittable, vehicle-independent autonomy systems improve safety and efficiency quickly and affordably and we strive to bring autonomy to any fleet, even in the harshest environments.”

“We are delighted to announce our planned partnership with ABD Solutions, a reputable automation company with considerable experience working with organizations to accelerate the transition to autonomy,” said Eldur Olafsson, CEO of Amaroq Minerals. “We are focused on researching and deploying innovative technology in Nalunaq and advancing the rest of the assets in our large license area, as we believe this will allow us to introduce new skill sets to the workforce. operates in Greenland and to operate in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner. The team looks forward to working closely with ABD Solutions and utilizing their considerable knowledge throughout the Nalunaq development process.

ABD Solutions offers a modular technological ecosystem to build the different elements necessary for vehicle automation; including vehicle management, vehicle control actuation, communication, sensing and sensing, health and diagnostics, and third-party integration. This provides a flexible autonomy solution that can be tailored to a specific vehicle, environment or operational scenario and then fully integrated into any existing operational and fleet management system.

Vehicle automation can bring significant improvements in safety by directing people away from high-risk areas and improving operational efficiency, which translates into reduced vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. A retrofittable solution also maximizes the investment of existing high-value assets by significantly extending their useful life.

ABD Solutions is a company within AB Dynamics PLC, which has over 35 years of experience in controlling and automating vehicles using driving robots and control systems. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to autonomy by providing retrofit solutions that enable the rapid and cost-effective automation of conventional vehicle fleets.